Twelve Days of 60s Christmas


12/25 The First Day of Christmas 

12/26 The Second Day of Christmas

  • Smooth out and save as much wrapping paper as possible 

  • Watch White Christmas (1954) on Fawesome

  • Leave a small gift for your mail carrier 

12/27 The Third Day of Christmas

  • Use eggnog instead of creamer in your morning coffee or tea

  • Write thank you cards

12/28 The Fourth Day of Christmas

  • Mail thank you cards

  • Watch Fitzwilly (1967) on Pluto

12/29 The Fifth Day of Christmas

12/30 The Sixth Day of Christmas

12/31 The Seventh Day of Christmas, New Year’s Eve

1/1 The Eighth Day of Christmas, New Year’s Day

  • Sleep in

  • Watch the Rose Parade (or some 1960 Rose Parade highlights)

  • Watch the Rose Bowl

  • Eat ham hocks and black-eyed peas with greens

  • Call your friends and family to wish them a Happy New Year

1/2 The Ninth Day of Christmas

  • Start a gift list for next Christmas 

  • Watch Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) on Tubi, Plex, Pluto, Fawesome, or Filmrise

1/3 The Tenth Day of Christmas

  • Open a Christmas Club account for this year.  Google “Christmas Club near me.”  I found more than a dozen.

  • Heat up leftovers and relax

1/4 The Eleventh Day of Christmas

  • Update address book from received Christmas cards

  • Polish off the Christmas cookies

1/5 Twelfth Night, The Twelfth Day of Christmas

  • Make a King Cake for Epiphany (recipe)

  • Leave shoes in the hallway for the Magi (traditional fillers are oranges and nuts)

(1/6 is Epiphany, the beginning of the next season.  Eat your oranges and take down your Christmas decorations.)

Remember, it’s not the gifts, it's the giving.  Peace and love, like Ringo says.

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Stay groovy!



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