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Twelve Days of 60s Christmas

  12/25 The First Day of Christmas  Eat too much, hug too much, celebrate  Watch the Rankin-Bass Christmas Collection Hang popcorn garlands in the trees for winter wildlife 12/26 The Second Day of Christmas Smooth out and save as much wrapping paper as possible  Watch White Christmas (1954) on Fawesome Leave a small gift for your mail carrier  12/27 The Third Day of Christmas Use eggnog instead of creamer in your morning coffee or tea Write thank you cards 12/28 The Fourth Day of Christmas Mail thank you cards Watch Fitzwilly (1967) on Pluto 12/29 The Fifth Day of Christmas Make jello for dessert Watch some Andy Williams Christmas specials The Andy Williams Show Christmas Episode 1962 The Andy Williams Christmas Special 1966 The Andy Williams Christmas Special 1969 12/30 The Sixth Day of Christmas Have a New Year’s Eve Eve bonfire Watch some Bob Hope Christmas specials The Bob Hope Christmas Special 1967 The Bob Hope Christmas Special 1969 ) 12/31 The Seventh Day of Christmas, New Year

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