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Our family tradition for Christmas has been Lutefisk with Cream Sauce, Boiled Potatoes, and Peas for Christmas Eve and Second Thanksgiving for Christmas Day.  That’s great when you have a medium to large family.  But when you’re a small family that just too much.  This year, we’re planning a vintage 1960’s Christmas menu from my favorite cookbook, The 1963 McCall’s Cook Book.  I have the blue cover for those in the know.

On page 716, the following holiday menu for Christmas is presented:

Savory Roast of Beef

Fluffy Mashed Potatoes 

Braised Celery with Mushrooms

Tomato Aspic served on Green Pepper Rings


Mincemeat Glacé


There only jello vegetables for me this year will be the picture above.  I like jello, plain. I looked at the Tomato Aspic recipe, though, and it looks like bloody mary jello. Interesting. I may get brave and try some jello with stuff in it later in 2024.  Y’all will be the first to hear about those adventures.  Yay?

Based on our family traditions and the McCall’s suggestions, this is the menu we will be serving:

Baked White Fish

Boiled Potatoes with Cream Sauce (White Sauce)

Braised Celery with Mushrooms


Pecan Pie

Coffee or Tea

I will be buying rolls and pie.  But, I’ve photographed some recipes from my cookbook for you.  If i run into trouble, I’ll substitute mashed potatoes and skip the white sauce.  The links above will connect you to wonderful Julia Child shows on YouTube.

There are only two weeks left until Christmas this year.  I feel really rushed because Advent is only three weeks because the fourth Sunday is actually Christmas Eve.  I’ve been off since i got sick in May and just can’t keep track of time.  Weird.  I’ll be sure to address that in my annual planning session between Christmas and New Years.

Next week, I’ll be reviewing ideas for vintage gift ideas.  I’ve seen a lot of posts on the topic of handmade gifts lately.  I’m crediting the economy.  I hate that we all feel so broke, but bringng back gifts with real thought and effort instead of just caving to advertising is a win for giver and recipient.  Friends… there may be bourbon pineapples in your future.  That is if the fruitcake doesn’t absorb all the bourbon.  Yum!!

Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate!

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