Add Some Vintage Slang To Your Life

Test your slang skills by playing bingo the next time you watch a Sixties movie or TV show.

It’s easy to add some vintage flair to your life with a little slang. You don’t have to make or buy anything, just pick a couple words and start using them. I hope you dig some of these.

Top 10 Sixties Slang Terms To Bring Back For A More Vintage Life

  1. Bippy (butt)

  2. Jet (move quickly or leave)

  3. Dig (understand)

  4. Heavy (deep)

  5. L7 (square, loser)

  6. Groovy (cool)

  7. Split (leave)

  8. Shades (sunglasses)

  9. Drag (real bummer)

  10. Hassle (annoy or bother)

Terms I Use Frequently But Didn’t Realize Are Sixties Slang

  1. Chill Out

  2. Back Off

  3. Bummer

  4. Crock

  5. Slick

  6. Fab

  7. Grody

  8. Quirky

  9. Shotgun

  10. Wuss

  11. Cherry-pick

  12. Chinese Fire Drill

  13. Gnarly

  14. Hang Out

  15. Instant karma

  16. Later

  17. Tennies

  18. Uncool

  19. Wiped Out

  20. With it

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