Vintage Self Care

Vintage Self Care

Everyone deserves a little time for pampering themselves.  I wish I could go to the salon and get my hair and nails done once a week like all women supposedly did in the mid 20th century, but who has time and spare cash for that anymore?  We can all, hopefully, carve out a little time everyday to look and feel our best.  

Beauty editor Mariechen Wilder Smith wrote the “Beauty Schedule for Busy Young Wives” above for the November 1952 issue of “Today’s Woman.”  Most of the modern articles source it with derogatory references.  But truthfully, I wonder if they are objecting to the content or the presentation.  I’d bet that if we printed it as “Self Care Schedule For Busy Professionals” and updated the language, the detractors would suddenly be fans.

Here are a few suggestions:

Monday - add a mask to your regular routine; a wash off, peel off or sheet mask each take less than half an hour

Tuesday - soak your feet in warm water with epsom salts; toss a few marbles tossed in the basin to massage and exercise

Wednesday - shave your legs and armpits; bonus if you actually get to relax in the bathtub alone while you do it

Thursday - wash your hair; nowadays advertisers want us to believe that everyone washes their hair everyday, but people who wear their hair up or elaborately styled still wash much less frequently; if you do wash daily, simply substitute another relaxing activity like a bubble bath

Friday - manicure; file your nails and change your polish; buff your nails if you don’t polish;  pamper yourself with a moisturizer that smells good

Weekend - go out for date night, have a fun night in, or go for a Sunday drive (pack a picnic); the important part is to take a break and do something you enjoy

Take care!



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