1960s Halloween TV

For those planning to binge tv and candy on Halloween night, I’ve compiled a list of Halloween specials and episodes from 60s tv shows.

Accidental Family: Halloween’s on Us (1967)

The Addams Family:  available on Roku channel, Pluto, Freevee

Halloween with the Addams Family (1964)

Hallowe’en Addams Style (1965)

The Alvin Show: Haunted House (1962)

The Andy Griffith Show: The Haunted House (1963) / available on Roku channel, Pluto, Paramount+

Bachelor Father: The House at Smuggler’s Cove (1961)

The Beverly Hillbillies:  available on Roku channel, Pluto, Tubi

Trick or Treat (1962)

The Ghost of Clampett Castle (1968)

Bewitched: available on Roku channel, Freeveve, ClassicTV

The Witches are Out (1964)

Trick or Treat (1965)

Twitch or Treat (1966)

A Safe and Sane Halloween (1967)

To Trick or Treat or Not to Trick or Treat (1969)

Corn on the Cop (1965) Looney Tunes Special / available on Apple TV

The Daffy Duck Show: A-Haunting We Will Go (1966)

Davey and Goliath: Halloween Who-Dun-It (1967)

Dennis the Menace: Haunted House (1961)

The Dick Van Dyke Show: The Ghost of A. Chantz (1964)

The Flintstones: A Haunted House is Not a Home (1964) / available on Tubi

Goblins Will Get You (1965) Tennessee Tuxedo Special

Gumby: The Witty Witch (1960)

Hazel: A-Haunting We Will Go (1965)

The Hoppity Hooper Show: Halloween (1965)

I Dream of Jeannie: My Master, the Ghostbreaker (1968)

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! (1966) / available on Apple TV, but they’re allowing non-subscribers to watch it free Halloween weekend 


Ghoulies, Ghosties, and Long Legged Beasties (1966)

Witch Stories (2968)

The Jimmy Dean Show: Episode 107 (1963)

The Lucy Show: Lucy and the Monsters (1965)

Mad Monster Party (1967) Rankin/Bass / available on Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV

Perry Mason: The Case of the Dodging Domino (1962) / available on Pluto, Freevee, Paramount+

The Rifleman: Hostages to Fortune (1963)

Route 66: Lizard’s Leg and Owlet’s Wing (1962)

Spider-Man: The Witching Hour (1967)

Star Trek: Catspaw (1967) / available on Pluto, Prime Video, Paramount+

The Twilight Zone: The Howling Man (1960) / available on Pluto, Freevee, ClassicTV

The Wild Wild West: available on Pluto, Prime Video

The Night of the Glowing Corpse (1965)

The Night of the Returning Dead (1966)

The Night of the Kraken (1968)

The Woody Woodpecker Show: Spook-a-Nanny (1964)

For more details, check out the Halloween Specials Wiki, Wikipedia’s List of Halloween Television Specials, and, of course IMDB.

I saved most of the YouTube videos to this playlist for convenience.  I’ll update it with period specials and movies as the become available.

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