The (1960) Christmas Wish Book Is Here!

The Christmas Wish Book Is Here!

It’s October and that means the Sears Christmas Wish Book has been delivered!

What do we want to see first?  I know - TOYS!  Toys, toys, toys, toys… sorry, I think i've seen the  grinch one time too many.  Nah!

Look at the cool bikes!

As close as you’ll get to that pony you asked for

Fourteen pages of dolls!


Cars and Boats!

Erector sets…


But what about Mom, Dad and the rest of the family?

Apparently, perfume was the number one gift for women and men probably got ties.  Mama said that when you stop believing in Santa, that’s when you start getting socks and underwear.

A festive sweater?

Matching Pajamas!

Tell me your picks in the comments.  Next week, we’ll look at the 1960 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog!  Thank you musetechnical for providing this amazing resource.

Enjoy browsing through the pages and your memories.

Stay groovy!



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